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    新聞資訊 位置導航:首頁 => 新聞資訊 => 酒店動態 => 張家界國際大酒店召開2015年度總結表彰暨2016年度工作動員會議

      Zhangjiajie Kokusai Hotel held a 2015 annual summary of the 2016 annual meeting in

     recognition of work mobilization meeting


    2016 years on March 13 in the afternoon, in the hotel executives call and various departments

     organize, Zhangjiajie International Hotel staff gathered in the hotel on the second floor of the

     International Conference Center, held the year 2015 summary commendation and 2016

     annual mobilization meeting. Congress mainly in recognition of advanced, establish a

     typical, improve staff enthusiasm, and enhance the cohesion of the hotel team. In the 

    principle of democracy and concentration, the hotel selection in addition to the advanced 

    Department of 2, advanced teams and groups 3, 18 advanced individual, the general 

    manager of the special award 20.

        2015年,張家界國際大酒店在各級領導的關心和支持下,酒店全體員工上下一心,敢于創新,勇于拼搏,圓滿完成了酒店的各項工作任務,并 取得了較好的社會和經濟效益。

    By 2015, Zhangjiajie International Hotel under the care and support of leaders at all levels, hotel

     staff make concerted efforts, dare to innovate, courage to fight, the successful completion of 

    the tasks of the hotel, and achieved good social and economic benefits.


    Awarded the "excellent staff" awards, they were from various departments of the hotel.


    Awarded the "advanced individual award for cost control", the winners were room manager and engineering manager, 

    this smile can really make people drunk ah!


    Hotel General Manager Wang Fang and get good managers of the lucky group photo! The winners were the HR manager

     and the security department manager.


    Hotel General Manager for the "advanced department" presentation, department general office and sales department



    Advanced collective representation. The sister from the financial department of the control group,

     long and meticulous and rigorous work attitude has become the best spokesperson for financial 



    Advanced personal representative. The little brother from at the concierge. Has been, dedication

     and service - oriented working attitude won the leadership and guests alike.


    Deputy general que Ms. Haiyan 2015 service work is summarized, and put forward new ideas 

    and requirements for the service in 2016.


    Wang Fang, general manager of the 2015 annual work to make a summary of the work in 2016 

    and mobilization.


    The final assembly in the group photo of all the winning members and the hotel led to a successful end.

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